About us

Buvuma, Uganda

Orphans and Vulnerable Children Empowerement Group -Uganda (OVCEG) is a registered Community Based Organization (CBO), which officially began operations in October, 2012, under the umbrella Organisation Buvuma Development Agency to mitigate the educational, nutritional, poverty and health related needs of critically vulnerable single and dual orphaned children and impoverished widows in Buvuma Island Island, Buwooya sub community and to provide educational opportunities for youth in the region.

Our overeaching goal is to work towards the development, empowerment, and maintenance of a health community. The Organisation currently supports 390 orphaned children and 100 widows.


-food and security services

-economic strengthening support

-health , water, sanitation and shelter

-education support

-psychosocial support and basic care

-child protection and legal support

-legal policy and institutional frame work

-cross cutting issues