African Child

OUR PARTNER: African Child and Youth Development Initiative (ACYDI): Is Registered and Incorporated as a not-for-profit limited liability company in the Register of Companies of Uganda on Certificate Registration Number: 80020000339575 on 29th June 2017.

Founded in October 2014, ACYDIbegan its operations as a charitable non-government organization to mitigate the educational and poverty related concerns as well as support to improve livelihoods, health, and nutrition standards of critically vulnerable children (OVCs), women and youths in Uganda. 

Our Vision: A united and healthy country (Uganda/Africa) offering the marginalized children and youths an opportunity to have a say and be involved in the socio-economic development issues/ decisions affecting them.

Our Mission/Goal: To empower children and youths to focus, organize and working towards social-economic wellbeing. We achieve this by empathy, social and economic empowerment through self-help projects, Advocacy, psychosocial support, community mobilisation and sensitization, outreaches, health, networking and educational support

Who do we support?

Youths between 15-35yrs school drop outs and unemployed

OVCs: Vulnerable Women and girls of the reproductive age

What we do: Youths: Your contribution helps us support more than 200 youths aged 15-35 who are currently enrolled in our programs. Both in semi-urban and rural communities 100% of these youths are out-of-school and nearly 95% are unemployed with a ratio of 50:50 male - female representation. When not educated nor engaged the youths are at greater risk than their peers for entering into early marriage hence early and unplanned pregnancies, engaging in petty and huge crimes, substance abuse and contracting HIV/AIDs. Your donation will help us continue our work with the community structures to combat these issues by engaging the youths in income generating activities (IGAs). They are trained and followed up with entrepreneurship and financial management skills, improved production and marketing as well as creating links to financial institutions for sustainable capital sources.

OVCs (children and women): The program also supports the OVCs and their families, equipping them with basic education and to attain vocational skills (using alternative and innovative methods to fund education) and provision of basic start up tool kits to beneficiaries (infected and affected children and women) which help them generate their own income in a sustainable way.

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