Hello my dear brothers and sisters! How are you doing? 

Am appealing to you to pay attention to this story because it is me and you to help forgotten child. By names am Kawula Michael who lives in Buvuuma district where emotions and tears starts from in young children and the elders at large.

My brothers, you can't believe this; in Buvuma island children are no longer accessing education and are living un happy life due to the following factors below;Some children are orphans and vulnerable because their parents died as a result of HIV/AIDS infection. 

Therefore they are no longer having possibilities to attain education despite having UPE in the community, children have lacked direction therefore they do resort into crime as a source of income.Many survive through gambling which is costing them, sorrow point to remember!, some of these children are infected with HIV/AIDS infections which requires them to be given medical attentions as well as counseling.

Buvuuma children are getting married when they are just 12 years because they have no future vision in their living. The accommodation of all people in this area gives a grief thought. Children are engaged in fishing and charcoal burning at age of 6 years.
Hard way of accessing schools by children who use canoes to and from which is not only time consuming but also high risky to their lives. 
Therefore due to the above factors, we came up with an organization called Orphans and Vulnerable Children Empowerment Group (OVCEG) in order to curb these challenges how? by providing education support, health and water sanitation, food and nutritional security, economic strengthening support, psychosocial support and so on.
However we find a challenge of funds to overcome all those problems, therefore we ask those who can help in any form for example money, food, clothes or advice we highly welcome you. 

Orphans and Vulnerable Children Program (OVC)

The OVC Program empowers orphans and vulnerable children, their families, and their communities to build a foundation of action and hope for a healthy and sustainable future by offering every eligible OVC within Buvuma catchment area access to education, protection, shelter, food security, psychosocial support, medical care and economic strengthening support (VSLA).

The OVC program currently provides services to HIV-infected and affected children within Buvuma Island. Currently, there are over 360 children registered in the OVC program.